Pet Digital X-Ray Services in Burlington

Pet Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Ray is an effective tool for diagnosing and monitoring a pet’s medical condition. X-rays can help determine the condition of your pet’s bones, abdomen, chest, organs and oral cavity. Various reasons may require your pets to receive a fast and accurate diagnosis. Digital X-rays produce an image of your pet’s internal parts that can be viewed on the monitor. This image can help a vet evaluate the exact condition of bones and organs.

At Bayview Park Animal Hospital, our veterinarians utilize digital x-ray technique to diagnose any orthopedic injuries in your dogs and cats. Our x-ray machines can take images within a few minutes. These images allow us to perform accurate and precise diagnosis of your pet’s health problems followed by effective treatment.

X-Ray Effective Tool for Injury Diagnosis

Our veterinarians in Burlington, Ontario, believe that a physical exam alone cannot reveal the important diagnostic information. There are times when an X-ray test becomes vital to determine your pet’s condition. Our x-ray equipment is an effective internal diagnostic tool that allows us to identify problems, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Chronic arthritis
  • Certain spinal cord diseases
  • Kidney, heart, or liver disease

Pets of All Sizes

From dogs to hamsters, pet x-rays are vital to veterinary care. Our Burlington vets can accurately identify what’s the reason behind your pet’s discomfort and pain with the help of the digital images. This helps us to reach out the problems and provide you with effective and prompt solutions.

Benefits of Digital radiology (X-Ray)

There are no chemicals required to produce x-ray films, thus the entire process is completely safe for you, your pet and our staff. All the x-ray reports are stored in our computer systems. And we can also provide a copy of the x-ray upon your request. Out veterinarians will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding digital x-ray.

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